juiciest tomato ornament

This glass ornament is inspired by one of Corita's favorite subjects: the tomato. 


In her 1964 serigraph, juiciest tomato of all, Corita paired a slogan appropriated from a can of Del Monte tomato sauce with a representation of the Virgin Mary. Kent famously drew ire from the Catholic Church for her radical embrace of popular culture and updated conception of female divinity.


• 3" x 3" x 2.5" 

• Handblown in the U.S. 


Samuel Eisenstein was an English professor and writer who visited Immaculate Heart College for the 1964 Mary's Day celebration. The text included on this print is taken from a letter Eisenstein wrote to Corita about his experience at Mary's Day. Cardinal James Francis McIntyre was enraged by the print and considered the likening of Mary to "the juiciest tomato" a desecration. The tomato was also once connected to the Rosa Mystica, or "Mystical Rose," the name given to the Blessed Mother during apparitions in Northern Italy. Corita made a second work, titled simply, tomato in 1967.