Make Meatballs Sing, The Life & Art of Corita Kent


The story of Corita's remarkable life as a nun, educator, designer, artist, and activist is shared by author Matthew Burgess, and vibrantly illustrated by artist Kara Kramer. Make Meatballs Sing draws readers into the life of a singular woman whose work and commitment invite us all to seek joy in the everyday, to observe the world with open eyes, and to question and see beyond the existing framework of society. 


This beautiful biography, made in close collaboration with the Corita Art Center and Enchanted Lion, includes reproductions of Corita’s works, a chronology, and author and illustrator notes. 


A digital download of Make Meatballs Sing • A Guide for Teachers • Enchanted Lion Books x Corita Art Center is available here for free. 


•11” (W) x 11” (H)

• 80 Pages (Full color, with gatefold)