Blackwing Pencil - Volume 93 (Set of 12)

Introducing the Blackwing 93, a tribute to Corita and her message to slow down and find gratitude in the everyday.

Corita Art Center has partnered with Blackwing to create this very special, limited collaboration. Partial proceeds from this pencil will support continued work in art education through the Corita Art Center
Each pencil features one of the six colorful brushstrokes that make up Corita’s iconic rainbow swash. Commissioned in 1971, the rainbow swash adorns a 140-foot-tall natural gas storage tank along Interstate 93 in Dorchester, Massachusetts. The pencils contain soft graphite and each set includes two of each color design.

Similar to us at CAC, Blackwing believes that thoughtful interaction with the world around us leads to a healthier life. That interaction may come from scribbling a thought in your journal, flipping through the dusty pages of a familiar book, or listening to the warm tone of your favorite record. No matter what form it takes, there's something profoundly human about it that's in Blackwing's DNA.